35 International Business Interview Questions

While different interviewers may ask distinctive questions, it always helps to be prepared for severe grilling. So we have to drawn up a list of frequently asked 50 interview questions. Read all the questions and prepare answers dotted with examples for success in the job interview.

  1. What is international business and its significance?
  2. How can you differentiate with domestic business and international business?
  3. What is culture?
  4. What are the diffrent types of the culture?
  5. What are the major types of economic nations across nations?
  6. How have changes in technology contributed to the globalization of Markets and production?
  7. Does the structure of law impact on the international business between countries?
  8. What is regionalism?
  9. What is the participation of european banks in the international financial system?
  10. What is the regionalism in south asia?
  11. What are the contradictions in global economic policy and regards to regionalism?
  12. What is the international technological environment and its importance?
  13. What is the technology impact on customer internationally?
  14. What is the need for free trade and economic integration?
  15. What are the different forms of trade barriers?
  16. Tell me the overview of global exports for removal of trade barriers?
  17. What are the principles of WTO?
  18. What is the organization structure of WTO?
  19. What do you know about world bank?
  20. What is the world bank impact on international business?
  21. What are the major risks in international investments?
  22. What is government influence on foreign trade?
  23. What is international monetary system?
  24. What is the importance of foreign exchange market in international business?
  25. What are the sources of risk in international business?
  26. What is the importance of internationalization of stock markets?
  27. Define MNC and its impact on business?
  28. What is international power?
  29. What is the dominance of MNCS?
  30. What is globalization?
  31. What is the demography of globalization?
  32. What are the risks and opportunities of globalization?
  33. How to do global advertising and promotion?
  34. Tell me the SWOT analysis of US economy?
  35. According to you how to develop our economy to become stable?